Transport with maximum possible safety

When you handle dangerous liquids, you can never be too careful. On vehicle walk-rounds, I double check that valves and hatches are closed. Thanks to regular training courses and daily safety procedures, this has become automatic for me. Transporting by road tanker is complex. Because of the many regulatory requirements and having to use customers’ data systems, thoroughness is essential. This is also why customers need drivers who know the procedures.

Stig Andersson, tanker driver with GJ Åkeri for over 10 years

Well-trained, experienced drivers ensure safe transport

Transporting dangerous goods imposes stringent requirements on equipment and drivers alike. When transporting ADR classified goods, there are masses of rules and regulations to take into consideration. Our drivers are also required to have specific knowledge of each individual product.

ADR is a European agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road. All our drivers do a foundation course in ADR and, every fifth year, attend a refresher to review new rules. Amongst other things, the course covers how classified products must be handled and which signs must be used with which tanker loads. On completing the course, each driver receives a certificate that he/she carries at all times.

In addition to ADR training, our personnel also receive continuous product updates from our customers.

These courses and collaborations with experienced colleagues mean that our drivers have a unique expertise that ensures transport is always with the maximum possible safety. Safety-consciousness further extends to loading and unloading. Here, our drivers take pride in minimising the risk of any accidents.

Eco-friendly vehicles? Of course!

Our tankers are on the road all day round and, naturally enough, we are keen to do our bit for the environment. . All of our 30 road tankers satisfy the Euro VI emissions standard (as of January 2013).

Safety guidelines

Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability (SQAS) is a specially adapted quality system for logistics companies that serve the chemical industry. It aims to ensure that transport presents minimum risk to other road users and affected parties. Besides compliance with applicable laws, SQAS also requires us to work preventively in all matters regarding safety.

The system covers, amongst other things, quality, safety, protection, the environment and social responsibility for a sustainable future.

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